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The following links take you to various branches of the family tree of Pete and Julie Shew. There are about 1800 people in the tree altogether spreading quite widely, and deep in parts.

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We have one or two very deep parts of the tree.

12 generations from about 1650, thanks to Nora Barwick who did all the hard work, and started it all off

William Inston - Thomas Inston - Jonathon Inston - William Inston - John Inston - Mary Anne Inston - Eliza Barber - Violet Rennie - Violet Irene Priest - Diana Margaret Shew - Louisa Jane Huxley - Michael Richard Kelvin Akers

14 generations from the early 1500s from the Cherry/Wilkins tree, Marcia Gelf, Arthur Wilkins Cherry (1914) and Eric Bradshaw Mullis (1951)

Sir John St Lo - Edward St Lo - John St Lo - Elizabeth St Lo - Thomas Byng - Elizabeth Byng - Mary Wray - Robert Bateman Wilkins - Anna Wilkins - Edward Wilkins Cherry - Irene Wilhelmina Cherry - Alfred Ronald Mullis - Julie Elizabeth Mullis - Nicholas Shew

16 generations from the early 1500s from my research, for the early stuff using the IGI index online ..

Gangolf Doerzbacher - Margarethe Doerzbacher - Michael Hartmann - Hans Hartmann - Maria Margarethe Hartmann - Johann Max Miltenberger - Anne Maria Miltenberger - Johann Heinrich Egner - Georg Leonhard Egner - Maria Mergarethe Dorothea Egner - Wilhelm Scheu - Frank Shew - Kelvin Shew - Diana Margaret Shew - Louisa Jane Huxley - Michael Richard Kelvin Akers

It is interesting to note that Julie's 9th Great Grandfather Lawrence Hyde was also Great Great Grandfather to Queens Mary and Anne.

I would very much like to add information about people already in the tree, including pictures, and add people to it so please send updates and corrections to Pete Shew or use the web form.

Peter Shew Kelvin Shew Frank Shew Wilhelm Scheu
Maria Burkhard
Elsie Angood Thomas Angood
Mary Elizabeth Firth
Violet Priest James Priest Harry Priest
Ann Maria Heaton
Violet Rennie John Rennie
Eliza Barber
Julie Mullis Alfred Mullis William Mullis William Mullis
Ann Jane Stewart
Irene Wilhelmina Cherry Edward Wilkins Cherry
Eliza Bradshaw
Joan Fellows William Fellows Sampson Fellows
Annie Turner
Mary Millicant Horton Francis Horton
Sophia Bason

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